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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

my personal tale of woe regarding 162 startup

Most of the problem was that I couldn't get anyone in the admission's office to talk to me. I realize that everyone is swamped at the beginning of the fall semester, so I started calling random numbers when no one in the office had called me back the monday class started. I think I left three voicemails on Monday. Waited Tues. Left five or six on Wed. I think it was Thursday that I finally got a secretary in the Dean of Students deparment to pick up the phone. They put me in touch with someone in the admissions office. They then gave me the faculty email address which, though wrong, luckily was not unanticipated. Having set out to create my blog I spent a large amount of time picking out the domain name and template and so on and so forth, feeling perfection would soothe the anxiety of being behind. There was a glitch when it was going through the "creating your blog" sequence, but then it popped up fine under my name when I signed on to the blogger service. I began posting away, but unfortunately was not bright enough to save a copy of the posts on the harddrive instead of only the server. The blog would not come up when I used the URL, but I figured it was just a server delay. I believe the next three days I continued this path, still thinking it was a server error. When it still wouldn't come up by Sunday I was in a panic. I created a new blog, but unfortunately when I tried to go in and retrieve my posts... they had disappeared into cyberspace. Links for them were present, but I only got an error when I clicked on them. So, I started over, typed up a couple excerpts, and hoped like crazy I wouldn't dig myself such a hole that I'd failed the class already. Please excuse the bleating, I WAS terribly anxious about the whole thing but that's no excuse to talk your ear off... so to speak. (or write, whatever) I'm not sure this would be helpful for other students other than a warning that if it doesn't come up on the server after 24 hours, you're best off starting over again. Maybe web class people should leave a contact note in the bookstore for when people pick up their texts... cause admissions wasn't a lot of help.


Blogger johngoldfine said...

Yeah, the beginning of 162 was a nightmare for me, still is actually since I still have students trickling in.... Early in the summer I gave them my contact info and said to have students email me. Back in July the first couple of students did and then... silence. I guess they forgot because a lot of other instructors start by emailing students. Which would have been fine with me, but no one was sending me any email addresses. So, I waited.

We tried to get things squared away the first week, but they still didn't understand that the campus email isn't my preferred hook-up. Sheesh! I went over yesterday to talk to someone there about a student in Iraq and how he can connect, and they have my hotmail addie wrong! It ain't rocket surgery! Sadly, this class has a zero tolerance policy toward depictions of violent fantasies or I would give you chapter and verse about my silent reaction to the individual I was talking with.

Next semester, gonna do it all differently.

I know blogger isn't ideal, but everything else readily and freely available is either a campus server with limitations and censorship or a phony blog not really published except inhouse, and I don't want that. My next semester initial handout will give warnings about blogger devouring words without publishing them.

Anyway, I don't see you as a class-failing prospect.

September 11, 2004 at 7:30 PM  

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