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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Myself as a Writer

Grand ambitions are an integral part of writing for me. Unfortunately grand ambitions often leave me overwhelmed or dissatisfied with everything that I write. I have that debilitating complex common to anyone who attempts an artistic outlet wherein my delicate ego is always being crushed or soaring all out of proportion. This is exhausting and frequently causes me to abandon the whole idea of writing for weeks at a time. Until the muse’s parti-colored little minions grab hold and drag me to the nearest writing instrument anyway. Editing is a weak point for me. I am confronted with either far too many things I am convinced need to be changed, or else I am an immovable object about changing anything. Words are my greatest love, so while the grammar occasionally suffers in my pieces, the vocabulary remains more pleasant. Fiction is the realm that I have always chosen to work with, but I have a feeling that creative non-fiction may yet prove to be its downfall. I try very hard to be open-minded to comments. This is not always successful, but hey, no one’s perfect.


Blogger johngoldfine said...

This is a comment not demanding open-mindedness or sparking closed-mindedness. It's just Generic Comment: I am here, I have read. Argue with that if you can!

September 7, 2004 at 2:54 PM  

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