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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

theme 1 (week one journal entries)

These are excerpts from my normal long-hand journal for the first week of class, because I hadn’t yet figured out how to get the web class up and running.

August 30th 2004

My brother is not here for us to have his birthday party. He was an idiot and got himself kicked out two days ago. It makes me so mad/frust/sad cause he just won’t get a clue about things. I had to go get his car out of the impound cause he got his license suspended on top of everything else. And he STILL keeps asking for the freaking punching bag. I’ll have to call him later and wish him a happy birthday. Hopefully I’ll feel less guilty about everything afterward.

Sept 1st 2004

Mom is back to school as of today. Weird that they are starting before Labor Day. They almost never do that in Bangor. I am having a heck of a time trying to get anyone to tell me how to access my web class. I’ve called like five people over there and not only can I not get a real person, no one will call me back! I had my first intro to film class tonight. It was terrible. We had to watch Goodfellas. Who wants to watch a movie about idiots killing each other and stealing things? I had many hopes for this class. I thought maybe we’d do film genres and what makes a good film within that genre. Or maybe different kinds of film-making, animation, regular, on scene vs blue screen etc. Boy was I hoping for too much apparently. Matt says his college comp went fine. He has intro to soc tomorrow. I hope things continue to be fine. I remember how freaky those first classes were.

Sept 4th 2004

Saturday. That completes another week on the preggo calander. We’re sixteen weeks as of today. I have to call the doctor on tues to find out when my next appointment is. I lost the little card again. I’ve got to remember to call Kris, he must be feeling terribly unloved. It’s Matt’s grandfather’s birthday on Monday, I have to go get a present. Maybe slippers? Maybe gloves or a shirt, I don’t know I’ll have to talk to him first. At least I’m not in charge of providing the cake. The only sugarless cake I have a recipe for is cheesecake, and I don’t know how well that would go over. No word from Erin today. I hope he’s okay. Maybe I should buy the stupid punching bag. I yelled at mom today at dinner. She kept pushing the VJ thing again. I’ve told her over and over that we can’t use that cause it was supposed to be Vanessa’s nickname. She doesn’t seem to want to remember that. I was really angry, but was that any excuse?? I feel terrible. Now I’m going to have to make myself get up at the crack of dawn to go with her to get groceries. Guilt is extremely annoying.

Sept 6th 2004

Labor Day weekend’s almost over. I didn’t make it to Nan’s house for the party, but I did secure the gift and talked to them on the phone. I feel wretched. Being pregnant makes my allergies like ten times worse and they won’t let me take anything. Oh well. Matt’s mom asked straight out to come to a sonogram. That made me ask mom if I would be morally remiss in not letting her come now. She said yes. Dammit. Like I don’t have enough problems. I asked mom if she asked straight out about coming into the delivery room if I’d have to say yes to that too. She’s mentioned it to matt again. Mom said no thank god. I’m going to have to move to Abudaby to get away from our families. Matt brought home a piece of cake for me. He said his grandfather wouldn’t let him leave without it. I really love his grandparents… they’re so awesome. I hope grammie jo is doing well on her trip. I wish she’d call someone to tell us they got there alright. Oh well, I’ve got to get some sleep. Mom’s going to leave at like 7 am. Night.


Blogger johngoldfine said...

It drives me crazy to hear how much trouble you had getting started. I feel guilty, but why? I told the powers back in June to have my students email me at hotmail and I'd get them started. The powers remembered for a week or two and then--the excitement of the move, the heat, the thrill of the conventions: who KNOWS why--they just decided that everything would work out okay, whatevvver!

September 7, 2004 at 3:03 PM  

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