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Friday, October 29, 2004

sandcastle - theme 9

The sand on the beach is fine and soft
My feet sink in and leave prints behind.

Sitting in wet hours go by
Righteous labor keeps me from noticing the sunburn
Buckets overturned, hands become sculptor’s tools
Saturate the ground before it will hold the moat.

The castle is majestic, my parents tell me
It raises in towers and battlements and spires
The moat keeps draining away, but that’s alright
The drawbridge keeps disintegrating anyway.

The sun gets lower and the light turns gold
The water sparkles like a fortune in gems
Time to go home.
I look along the beach, my footprints are gone
Erased utterly beneath the tide.

I feel a slight sinking in my heart
Knowing my castle, for all its height and engineering
Is no match for time and tide.
But childhood is not meant for sadness
And a promise of ice cream before dinner
Is all it takes to bring back my smile.


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