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Friday, October 29, 2004

theme eight option two - reading

Education is the key to moving upward in life. A college degree can often provide the difference between being low income and moving into the middle class. One skill in particular however is paramount to ensuring your success in secondary education. Reading. When I hear or read about someone who managed to graduate from high school and is still unable to read I am shocked to my core. It’s not just the outrage that they slipped through the cracks, but genuine pity for what they have missed out on.
I love to read. I read four to six hours out of every day. I despise television, and have since I was a kid. Mom and dad used to allow my brother and I one or two hours of tv on the weekends, but not more then that. I feel that this restriction, coupled with my mother’s love of reading is what shaped my attitude today. I prefer science fiction or fantasy but will read just about anything I get my hands on. It is such a source of joy and contentment for me I can’t imagine doing without it.
My reading chair is oversized and overstuffed. The very print on the upholstery is of old fashioned leather-bound books. One the side table next to the chair is always at least one (and usually several) stacks of books. They are split into have read and must read piles that only I can tell apart. The whole house is full of books. They cover shelves and tables, line bookcases and are occasionally piled on the floor until new space can be found. I feel such pity for those who don’t enjoy reading as I do. There is nothing to match it for the ability to escape the mundane aspects of life.


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