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Saturday, November 20, 2004

theme/prompt week 12 #1 erin's room

Upstairs, a wreck of a room lays waiting for the owner to return. Shirts in various sizes, torn jeans, soda bottles in drifts against the furniture. The dog has taken to using the carpet as her personal litter box. The bed is beautiful. It should be, he got it from his father’s furniture store. Pale oak with a satin sheen, it catches up sunlight like honey. Dust covers the top edges now, covers the bare slats that used to hold the mattress. Two empty cups sit on top of the headboard. The insides are irrevocably stained by the soda left to evaporate within them.
The teak wall unit, a collection of drawers and cupboards and such that stack nearly to the ceiling, sit in disarray. Some of the doors hang half-open, spilling their contents into the mess on the floor. They too are covered with dust. No one comes in here since he left. The old big-screen TV with a crack down the plastic that protects the screen dominates one corner. Old video games and a water fountain he borrowed from his sister sit along the top. A testament to childhood abandoned.
Above the mess, perhaps the filth in this room which no one has had the heart to dismantle is the air of desertion. Like an old house that has not been lived in for years the air is close and stale. The sunlight through the windows has that odd golden color that dust in the air gives it. The whole room looks like a tornado touched down within whirling and shredding and destroying. Perhaps a tornado it was, though of a more human nature. Anger leaves much the same destruction behind it. The door leading in stays closed. No one will venture past until he once again returns home.


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