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Monday, December 06, 2004

monday dec 6

We are supposed to be going to check out our apartment this afternoon. I, of course, forgot to have mom help me transfer money from the savings account for the sec dep and first month rent checks. I feel like such a dolt. I spent all weekend reminding myself that it was important to get that done before we went to see the landlord today. Hopefully the bank will finish getting the other checks through from the current to available balance before the checks clear. Takes like 7 days for a personal check to clear and I can have mom help me tonight after she gets home... so hopefully everything will be just fine and dandy. Pregnancy makes me even more neurotic then normal. I've got to start packing up the clothes and what have you. The baby clothes are packed, as are all accessories for the baby. Kitchen stuff is packed, furniture picked out (for the most part anyway). Dad wants to tear out the carpet, and put down hardwood in the living room, which logically means redecorating totally in his mind. Works out for me cause he offered all the living room furniture for matt and I. The leather couch is so much better than the one we originally planned on using. I'm still very disturbed over the idea of living alone together. Matt and I have never lived alone together. First we had friends living with us, and since before we were married we've been living with my parents. It's a scary thought, what in gods names will we do with each other all the time? Mom and dad aren't as thrilled as I thought they would be either. When dad heard that we'd decided to move out he looked like someone batted him over the head with a two by four. My brother is moving to florida, and we're moving out... must be a big change for them too. Once I see the place I'll have to go to dad's store and pick out a rug, he wants to give us an area rug to go with the living room stuff. And I'll have to make some decisions on where everything is going to live once it's moved in. Mom and aunt Vanessa are frothing at the mouth to get in there and organize everything. Updates shall be forth coming.


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