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Monday, December 06, 2004

Myself as a writer, Retrospect

Well, having made it through these last sixteen weeks I have to say either pregnancy is affecting my mind more than I thought, or my ‘creative’ muscles need a lot for flexing and exercise then they have been getting. Description and humor seem to be strong points, or maybe better put as crutches. Every time I attempted to break out of those two areas significantly things either came to disaster or they crept straight back in. I noticed I had a hard time moving outside of a tight focus on my own life. Bigger ideas or parallels eluded me. I think that might be just a phase though, because most of the time I remember teachers complaining that I couldn’t focus, couldn’t personalize.

Dialogue is still very difficult for me. I have an extremely hard time getting something that sounds anything like a real conversation down on paper. It’s also a problem when I’m reading though, it seems like so often the dialogue in books is rushed, and that six comments back and forth have taken an hour or more. If these published authors can’t get it right, how can I possibly? But I am sidetracked. I also have a great reluctance to curse when writing. I can’t decide whether this is a failing or not.

I tend to write a full piece quickly with minimal editing. I would rather scrap large chunks of work than edit them into something else. That I am sure is a failing at least in part. I find though that a lot of the time when I attempt to edit something it comes out much worse than when I just snap things off. I am hyper sensitive to the thoughts and comments of others when it comes to writing. I enjoy being under pressure to produce, I think it makes for better work. I don’t feel that a great deal has changed about my writing over the course of the semester. I do feel that I got a much more focused idea of some style strengths, like humor, and weaknesses than before.


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