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Friday, December 10, 2004

wed, thurs, fri all together

Wednesday December 8th, 2004

Things have gone about as well as expected. Matt and I showed up at 3:00 on Monday, only to find out that the landlord was not in. He left a note saying that he had something come up and could we come back tomorrow morning at 8. There were several moments of panic, during which we had to talk to my father about whether matt could be late to work the next day, but luckily he didn’t mind. I’m not so sure about how Chris and Tony are feeling about this new experiment in living on our own however.

The apartment is very nice, with two bedrooms just as advertised. Instead of the more popular one bedroom and large closet that most apartments turn out to be. There will be massive re-decorating required… but at least the walls are white. One of the last apartments we looked at was butter-yellow, and it looked dirty. There are just some colors that refuse to look clean no matter how hard you work at it. And no wallpaper thank goodness. Wallpaper is evil. I’ll have to get mom in to check it out, but I’m already slating a couple color palette options. One of the windows is this huge wide thing though, I’m not sure where one could find a long enough scarf valance. Maybe we’ll end up making one. Oh well, back to work on film class.

Thursday December 9th, 2004

Took mom over to see the apartment today. She is in love with the hardwood floors. We did a little preliminary work on where the furniture should go. After checking out the windows, which are quite large if lacking any kind of pleasant view, mom told me about this window art stuff she had seen at home depot. She likes nothing more than a good shopping trip. A half hour later we were in home depot. The window art is from artscapes, and it works like a window cling with no adhesives. They really are quite beautiful, and I think it will be a big boost on how the rooms look. There is nothing like a set of perfect window treatments to make a room come together. I detest mini-blinds, and she knows it. I’ve spent the last six or seven years with colorful blankets over my windows to block out the sun and the outside world, but these window films will be a heck of a lot more polished looking.

We also started looking for a little two-seater bistro style table, but were not successful. One of the major downsides to living in Maine is the lack of nearby shopping. Lucky for me that dad owns a furniture store. I’m sure he’ll be able to locate something in the next couple months. Not to mention that now that we have the room dimensions mom and I can go pick out our area rug that we’re getting as a Christmas present. Who ever would have thought I’d get to the point where an area rug was an exciting Christmas gift?

Friday December 10th, 2004

Called the phone company today. The guy must have been from New York, his accent was so thick I had to make him repeat things over and over. After half an hour I finally managed to get set up for phone service. It’s my first phone line, and that’s weirdly exciting. The bill is going to be like $45 a month, I couldn’t believe it. Local phone service apparently has gotten a lot more expensive then when I was a kid. The good news is that we’ll have call waiting, I can’t stand not having call waiting. Also, the guy set it up so we should be able to talk to matt’s family in the boondocks without acquiring charges.

Grammy Jo is sending not-so-subtle hints that she is not going to back down on wanting to help us move. She sent an extended-family-wide email about how I had said there wasn’t anything for her to do just yet. I can’t get matt to help me pack the bedroom up, let alone start moving furniture. I sent back what I hope was a suitably chagrined and soothing email. Mother and Vanessa are still waiting in the eves too… I need to get this ball a-rolling before my indignant family takes matters into their own hands.


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